Technofit panelling


Exclusively developed by Gascogne, this profile is your guarantee of stability, allowing the panelling to withstand moisture variations of up to 36%*

The 2.60 m-long boards allow for easy and joint-free vertical installation

* At a steady temperature, the Technofit profile is capable of absorbing a 36% variation in air moisture content, corresponding to a 4% variation in wood moisture content.


Bring nature into your home:

Combine “Pin de Gascogne” (Gascony Pine) wood panelling with a decorative scheme based on natural materials.

Cork, solid wood and plants make perfect additions to your interiors.

Organic artwork is a great and contemporary way to make plants a part of your home! Cork and solid wood accessories combined with Maritime Pine panelling create a sense of well-beingand a healthy environment that just feels right.

As for colours… opt for greens – in the form of plants or cushion covers, ocean blue light fittings or vases and linen-coloured furniture. The association of these three colours will give you just the right amount of verve tempered by a touch of mellowness.